Kid Tested, Soccer Mom Approved

Bogofish Kid Tested Soccer Mom Approved Album

Release Date:May 27 2015

Track Listing

1. Soccer Mom -  The ultimate multi-tasker, a pop song about what our soccer moms do for us .

2. We Rock - Your team rocks as a fan or a player. From the practice field to tournaments to the World Cup. This is a rock song to listen to before a match, to celebrate with or to add to your youtube videos.

3. Zombie Grr Grr - We all feel like a zombie sometimes, stumbling along in darkness. This song should bring you into the light with a little fun.

4. Indominus Grin - Mix dinosaurs and soccer together - what could be better!

5. Rattle Your Cage - It's time to break free and let your talents show. This rock song will  rattle your cage so you can do the same.

6. Abe Lincoln (Deluxe) - This is a song for anyone with a dream or a goal. I hope it will inspire you with examples of people who achieved greatness by not giving up.

7. Know Sweat - Those who achieve on the field and off the field need to the push and hard work to really know sweat.

8. Wilbur (Boys) - The story of a soccer ball that comes to life to get revenge for getting kicked around. Boys version.

9. It's My Mess - A blues song about why we don't clean up our rooms...

10. Beautiful Dance - A ballad about the  beautiful game. The strategy and play of the game is like a beautiful, choreographed dance.

11. Wilbur (Girls) - The story of a soccer ball that comes to life to get revenge for getting kicked around. Girls version.

"Kid Tested, Soccer Mom Approved"

All songs written by Bogofish  (Bo Jensvold) 

Recorded at Rock Art Recording Studio in Phoenix, Arizona   Rock Art Recording

Tracks Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Kolb, Recording Engineer.

Special thanks to Jeff for his talented instrumentation.

Drum Tracks from Studio Pros, Los Angeles, California.  Studio Pros

PRO: BMI,  International PTO: CDBabyPRO

No App For That

Bogofish No App For That Album

Release Date: June 8, 2012

Track Listing:

    1. Throw It In  - Quicker than Captain Jack Sparrow... a dance song about soccer bravado.                                                         2. I Get A Kick Outta That - Chants of Boom Shaka Lahka Lahka Lahka will gear you up to score that goal!

   3. You, Me and Goal  - A fast country song. My three favorite words are you, me and goal!

   4. Aliens  - Abducted by aliens and forced to teach them soccer. Lumpy brains are good for heading!

   5. No App For That  - Apps can do a lot, but there's no app to handle a defender that's right in your face!

   6. Dig For Power - A rock song about the power that's inside of you and what it takes to succeed.

   7. Kickin Party  - Soccer strategies with a party feeling!

   8. Take The Shot - When it's the right time you've got to take the shot , on and off the field.

   9. Hold Em - Mash together Texas Hold Em Poker and Soccer strategy and bravado! Ruff, Ruff, Ruff, Ruff!

   10. No Speaky Spanish - Never assume. A cute mistaken identity story while trying to watch a soccer match in a different language.

   11. Kick The Ball - Olay, Olay, Olay, Olay! One kid's story up to the championship game.

      " No App For That"
   - Words and Music by Bogofish (Bo Jensvold)
    Recorded at Rock Art Recording Studio in Phoenix,  Arizona
    Tracks Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Kolb, Recording Engineer.

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