Abe Lincoln Lyrics


Lyrics "Abe Lincoln" by Bogofish

Abe Lincoln
Abe Lincoln was a captain at the start of the Blackhawk War,
Was demoted to a private by the end of the battle's roar.
As a young man, Thomas Edison was told he was much too slow,
So his mother took him out of school and she taught her boy at home.

     So don't you stop your dreaming when things go wrong for you,
     Might just be another try before your dreams come true.

 After one show he was fired, Elvis you are out of luck,
The manager of the Opry said go back to drivin a truck.
They rejected Dr. Suess's book all 37 times,
The 38th good publisher sold 6 million of his rhymes.

 At age 17 Wayne Gretzky loved hockey more than life,
They said you're 50 pounds too light my friend, on the rink you won't survive.
Michael Jordan is a star, makes many of us dream,
But did you know that he was cut from his high school basketball team.